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Racism – part 1

Somehow, Chun was asked about racism today. This is his 8th year in Paris, at the moment when he was asked about this, he didn’t know what to say. Years of experience in France turned everything into banality. In short, he got used to his surroundings. So he didn’t really know what to say. What he was sure, was that he didn’t feel the racism around.

Since he had this conversation about this subject today, he couldn’t stop thinking.

It is now 1:54 am. Chun is writing on his iPhone, was reading David Hallberg’s “A body of work”, a wonderful book which was his 22nd birthday present from a very good friend a few months earlier. After reading this Chapter 9, in which D. Hall berg talks about his year spent at the Paris Opera Ballet School, it just brings up so much emotion to Chun.

But hey, you have two performances in a row tomorrow, you are supposed to be sleeping! Write about it tomorrow okay!?

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