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More photos from La Dame aux Camélias

Tonight was the 11th performance out of the 19 performances of La Dame aux Camélias that we haven in December!

So we’ve done more than half of it! Chun’s partner is such a sweet person who always have a very positive and serious attitude in her work. She spreads her good mood with the other dancers.

Whenever Chun performs in a long series of shows, there’s always a moment when he feels the fatigue accumulating in his body, as if the same dance steps get more and more difficult every night. And it’s happening right NOW!

Before, when this happened, Chun would feel so annoyed and wouldn’t understand. This time, he knows that it is normal, it is the fatigue, the saturated muscles loaded with lactic acid and toxins. He accepts that, and by now he should know how to remediate.

Tonight was a special performance, with a whole new cast of soloists. For the corps de ballet, that would mean…….. a total mess! With all the dancers who used to dance in the Corps doing solo roles, time for the understudies to switch in! Much to Chun’s relieve, he was only doing his usual parts.

At the end of the performance after the curtain goes down, on the stage:

– Thank you (an understudy’s name) for replacing tonight!!!!!, said a ballet mistress.

– the company’s clapping to congratulate him

– It was great, you did well, thank you! You may do it again another day, (she supposes that the understudy was just dying to perform again), maybe another spot!, the ballet mistress continued. 

the understudy forced a smile 🙂 

(doing another spot would mean changing sides, new combinations, new partner,…… etc. no understudy appreciates replacing when we’d never had the opportunity to rehearse it before and under short notice, let alone changing spots every night!)

3 thoughts on “More photos from La Dame aux Camélias

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  1. Il est vrai que votre métier, même s’il est avant tout artistique, est quand même aussi très sportif. On imagine bien l’épuisement physique après 3h de représentation, surtout qu’il y a en plus une journée de répétition avant je pense…


    1. Oui….. il faut beaucoup travailler sur la récupération en effet, encore plus de travail! Je ne pensais pas qu’il est possible de se sentir trop fatigué pour se détendre. Hahaha’


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