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Graines d’Etoile… official screening at Opera Bastille

This Monday, Chun attended the official screening of Graines d’Etoile… 5 ans après at a studio at Opera Bastille, organised by Arte. It’s been four years since he first danced at Opera Bastille, but he never knew there was such a small studio theatre like this! Bastille is indeed gigantic.

Before this screening, Chun had watched the documentary once already, at a private screening. The second time is always less shocking than the first time.

Here’s the first part of Graines d’Etoile…… 5 ans après. The video will be available until 26th January 2019.

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 00.25.57

(Click on the the screenshot above to access to the video.) 

To see the four other episodes, the DVD is out now! You can click the image below to order (France area only):

2 thoughts on “Graines d’Etoile… official screening at Opera Bastille

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  1. Dear Chun-Wing,
    I noticed you when I watched the first edition of Budding Stars. Actually, it was a kind of frustration when i finished watching such a wonderful documentary . Hoping that it can be continued, I started to search about Paris opera ballet and the school on the internet. Surprisingly, there are so many reports about you, and I found your old blog. I enjoy reading the articles, watching your performance on YouTube, and following your FB & IG. It’s like watching the second, third edition of the documentaries. Thank you for recording your small precious moments. I am waiting for English or Chinese subtitles in the “real” second edition so that I can understand the contexts.
    Today is the Winter Solstice, we usually eat glutinous rice balls in Taiwan. Is it the same in Hong Kong? How about in France?
    Anyway, Happy Winter Solstice and hoping you have a good new year. You are a wonderful dancer! Good luck to the performances the rehearsals.



    1. Oh! Thank you very much for your message Chin-Han! I am glad that you liked the first edition, when i first saw it I was mortified to see myself talking on the screen, haha! But after all these years I am very grateful that I have such nice images and memories of my first steps in France.
      My family is celebrating Winter Solstice today in Hong Kong, I loooove and miss eating those glutinous rice balls together with my family around the table……. in France today, we have matinée/ soirée, meaning two performances in the same day, the second performance starts in 28 minutes…. I will go get prepared. All the best to you!
      Chun Wing


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