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Reading thoughts…


During this busy non-stop performance period, reading is particularly enjoyable. Is it really the period? or is it simply the book? Chun enjoys reading this third book of Kevin Kwan’s famous trilogy Crazy Rich Asians very much. He would read this before bed, until late, very late, captivated by the addictive plot, until his eyes burn.

This third book is mainly about the story’s Ah Ma (Grandma in Cantonese), Shang Su Yi. Reading it can’t stop Chun from thinking of his own Ah Ma……

A woman still actually cooks for her whole family in her nineties!!!! Ah Ma is undoubtedly one brave woman. When Chun was small, both of his parents had to work during the day, and the one who brought him up was Ah Ma. He especially misses the chicken wings that Ah Ma used to make him for lunch. Ah Ma knows Chun’s tastes very well, and because he has always loved the chicken wings, she would prepare him some each time when he goes back to Hong Kong…..



At her age, Ah Ma cannot travel anymore……

It was almost 2am, his eyes too tired from reading… Chun turned off the lights, was lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling, and started thinking about his sweet sweet childhood and all the moments that he spent with his grandma as he closed his eyes.

Two minutes later, his right hand reached for his iPhone which was on the floor. He rang his mother:

“- What happened Son? How come you’re awake at such hour?

– Mum, I should come back to Hong Kong in January even if the air ticket costs me 3000 euros!”

That night, Chun hadn’t slept so well since a long time.

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  1. Hi Chun,

    your blog reflects events and sometimes personal thoughts like this one.

    You left Hong Kong to attend the Paris Opera because it offers you more possibilities. Your mum gave you the unique chance to do that.

    You may have some friends there but your heart is still with your mum, and you miss her so much in silent moments. I am in a similar situation and can imagine what happens inside you from time to time.

    Real life is always in the now, and memories are only little stones in the mosaic of the past of your life. You must accept them how they are and can not change anything.

    All the moments you will share with your mum are therefore important. You will do much according to the voice of your heart without thinking about it when you love your mum.

    I hope that you do not feel bothered when I write about it.

    Kindest regards,


    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your message.
      I guess we are not alone in this world to leave our family to live in another country.
      You are right to say that life is all about the now. Should focus on the present indeed, and be happy, that’s what my Mum always asks me to be.



  2. Hi Chun,

    let me write a little thank you at first that you take always the time to answer 👍👏.

    We are fortunately a little bit more on earth 😂 and can find others (who come and go or stay with a little bit of luck) but our mums are unique and irreplaceable.

    My mum took care of me when I was young, gave me a good education and let me attended a gymnasium. I am deeply thankful for everything and will never forget that.

    She is now 81 years old, and I take the chance to give her a little bit back without thinking about it.

    Kindest regards,


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