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Routine and Internal dialogue – La Dame aux Camélias

16:00 – (in the studio Petipa) Just finished the rehearsal with Pontus Lidberg, a Swedish choreographer who is  creating a new piece for us. The “research” and the working process is fun and much enriching. But hey, don’t overtire yourself, remember that you’ve a performance tonight. Do a little bit of stretching now.

16:15 – (back in the changing room) You should start to get prepared at 17:30, so you have a little bit more than an hour now, lie down and have a nap.

16:43 – (lying down in the changing room) “Mais non! C’est pas ça! Regarde, attends ‘ttends, regarde moi ça,” “Hahahahha! Wa le bâtard!”, “Hé oh! Vous vous calmez maintenant! Il y a des gens qui dorment”

17:20 – (changing room) On my phone reads “17:21” Okay, time to get out from your nap. Get down now. Oh I feel the nerves coming, What if I don’t succeed the difficult lift in the Red Ball? Will I be doing my spot or will I replace in the Golden Ball like the last time? I should really try things out in the Foyer before the show….. and what if I have a new partner? And what if it’s……. Chun, stop thinking go down and eat!

17:25 – (Canteen Garnier) I am not really hungry, and the food in the evening really looks and tastes like leftovers. But you have to eat otherwise when could you have dinner?

17:53 – (Plateau, make-up) The make-up artists are always smiling and kind. They really soothe my nerves. Oh, don’t forget to sign that paper later!

18:12 – (1er entresol, hairdresser) “I am sorry, my hair is a bit too long now….. must be difficult for you haha!”, “No! If you want to look like a bourgeois of the 18th century, it is perfect like this!”, “Well, maybe I’d like to have some volume in the front, but anyway I will wear a hat later in the Red Ball and hopefully it will not ruin it haha!”

18:24 – (2e Etage) Now you sign for your presence, done. Oh, okay, so you’re replacing in the Golden Ball tonight, dancing with her.

18:50 – (Changing room) Show in 40 minutes, certain dancers are already in full dress and all ready, don’t be ready too soon Chun, you’ll only have more time to get nervous before the show! Do a bit of foam rolling now.

19:15 – (Changing room) time to get dressed, I have just enough time to.

19:35 – (on stage) The ballet starts with a mime scene. Maybe try to place your hands earlier tonight for the difficult lift in Red Ball. It should be helpful. Also, you should follow your partner’s rythme……. Hey Chun! You’re on stage! Stop thinking about the Red Ball!!!!!!

20:03 – (Quick change room) Red Ball went well!!! Yeah! Much relieved. Half of the performance done for you! Can’t wait to get back home and enjoy my pasta with cheese. What should you do now? Golden Ball is in 2 hours in Act 3….. Maybe you should go to the gym.

20:31 – (Classe D, in front of the piano) I couldn’t resist when I saw a piano while going to the gym. After a bit of cardio and core exercises, I went to the piano. Piano playing consoles my soul, I need it to calm my nerves. The music keeps coming out from my fingers, my mind thinking of Golden Ball.

21:33 – (Classe D) “Mesdames et messieurs, l’acte 3 a commencé” Act 3 started, you should go down.

21:47 – (Foyer de la Danse) “Chun, do you know with whom you will dance on Monday?”, “I have no idea, why?”, “because the company told me to look at your partner’s spot, your partner is injured”, “What? Then who’s my partner tonight?” Panic.

22:00 – (on stage) “Sh**! I lost my necklace!”, “Don’t worry, it will be just fine” This time Chun was the one who is calm.

23:15 – (Avenue Mozart, walking home) Another performance done. Pasta and cheese, and my favorite reading time before sleep!


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