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Soirée Parisienne

Today is Chun’s day-off. He took the time to rest and to let his body recover, to prepare himself for tomorrow’s rehearsals and performance.

He was also invited to a soirée parisienne in the evening, which made him a little nervous at first, because he didn’t know anyone there.

Arriving at the venue, he tried to walk around, and recognize nobody that he would know. Too reserved to start talking to the other guests, he took a cocktail and started observing the event from the corner of the beautiful Rotonde.

There was a little mentalist/magic show in the middle of the event, which was great. Chun wondered whether there are dancers who would perform in a reception like this.

Eventually, he started talking to others. Even though he was very curious to meet other people, Chun preferred sticking to a small number of people with whom he would have quality conversations.

There was a man who fell down on the floor, I guess from feeling ill and tired, or maybe too much alcohol? And a staff who dropped and broke a glass while serving us, it must be embarrassing for him in such a chic palace.

Meeting different people, witnessing all these, listening to others’ stories is so enriching. In life, the lived experiences will always stay with and within us, no one could ever take them from us. Let’s don’t be afraid and go find the experiences.

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