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Première finished~

This Première of La Dame aux Camélias is over. My replacement in the Bal Doré went quite well, even though it was not perfect, but I am satisfied, so is my new partner I guess.

This ballet is full of partnering, and changing partner requires some practice. The beautiful long dresses and my gloves also make it even more difficult.

Tomorrow, we will start rehearsing in the afternoon for a new contemporary ballet by P. Lidberg, then another La Dame performance in the evening. I still do not know whether I will do my usual spot in the Golden Ball or will I replace like I did tonight…

It is now 23:00, my body is tired and I am starving, I can’t want to get home and eat.

I took this photo while walking out from the backstage door of the Palais Garnier, heading towards the metro station Chaussée d’Antin Lafayette, and passing through the beautiful light decorations.

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