Giant roses on stage!

Yesterday, we moved from the studio to the stage. The ballet that we are going to perform  in a week is a new creation by Pontus Lidberg, with the music of Les Noces by Stravinsky. It is very impressive to see big roses dropping down from the ceiling! Together with this mixed contemporary program is... Continue Reading →

End of La Dame….

Tonight was the last show of La Dame aux Camélias. This series of 19 performances have actually been quite enjoyable. Chun also had the honor to wear Manuel Legris' (Famous French Etoile dancer) costume for this production! The rehearsals which started in August 2018 have been very stressful for Chun, as he had to face... Continue Reading →

Pointe shoes training and sewing…

Pointes shoes, the ultimate symbol and cliché of classical ballet and reserved for female ballerinas, is often a fascinating technique and savoir-faire. Not only is the technique of going on pointe extremely painful and difficult, choosing the right pointe shoes, learning this technique correctly, and even preparing the pointe shoes in a way that's appropriate... Continue Reading →

Assemblés – Attilio Labis

This morning, Chun went to POB's men's 11:30 class by Mr. Attilio Labis, Etoile and renowned ballet teacher of the Paris Opera. Mr. Labis said, after we've done our assemblé exercice in the centre: "- Il y a deux types d'assemblé, les assemblés qui se déplacent, et ceux qui restent sur place. Quand on les... Continue Reading →

Première finished~

This Première of La Dame aux Camélias is over. My replacement in the Bal Doré went quite well, even though it was not perfect, but I am satisfied, so is my new partner I guess. This ballet is full of partnering, and changing partner requires some practice. The beautiful long dresses and my gloves also... Continue Reading →

Show started…

I am now in the quick change area at the backstage, just finished the Red Ball (the most difficult part for me in the ballet), waiting to do the Golden Ball in Act 3. There's one difficult step in the Red Ball. Every time I get nervous about this step. Even though I worked on... Continue Reading →

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