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Being with the cameras~

8th September at 20:11, at the airport of Düsseldorf, waiting for boarding:

At this moment of time, I just turned 23. I only acknowledge my birthday by now, now that all the work is done and that there’s a moment of calmness, waiting in front of gate B79. Indeed, most of my birthday was spent in a studio, for no less than 10 hours inside, for a video shooting. It was truly a great experience. Meeting other dancers, learning and dancing new materials over the weekend, communicating closely to the whole team….. the process was very much eye-opening.

Just two days ago, I was at l’Agence France Press (l’AFP) in Paris for a photo shooting. It was a special one. The photographer was a true artist. He doesn’t know ballet but captures the moments that he finds interesting through his own point of view. He plays with the lightings and a few unexpected accessories, setting simple dance poses in a piece of artwork. For me, that hour in the studio was another great experience.

Photo shooting at l’AFP

The airport just announced that my flight back to Paris is delayed for 15 min…. I must admit that I am tired and can’t wait to be back.

9th September at 9:35 am, at home in Paris:

On the first day, we first rehearsed at the ballet studios at Ballett am Rhein. It is a new and modern building with quite a few spacious studios.

We spent the day in this studio learning the 9-minutes long choreography, trying out different steps and movements, but also the make up that they will apply on my back…. which is…. quite impressive!

On the next day, we went to the cubic studios for the filming. the studio is a space painted all in white, it creates like an illusion when you first discover it. You’d have no idea how big the space is, the white covers up all signs of borders/edges/corners.

At the Cubic studio

Then came the 10-hours of filming. It was a challenge because the choreography was freshly learnt. I had to be extra focused in order to avoid mistakes and to show movement qualities. The white colour didn’t help neither, it was hard to find the balance when surrounded by all the white!

It was however a very fun experience. The choreography is very modern and conceptual. While filming, you have the feeling of being in a different world, far from the reality and everyday life, in a moment and space where you let speak your imagination, artistry and emotions.

And back again, waiting for my express train to Dusseldorf airport

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