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BlakeWorks I by Forsythe, feeling grateful

Two days ago, I was back on this stage, this beautiful and raked stage of the Palais Garnier. The rake seemed steeper than in my memory. Anyway, there’s still something magical about this stage.

We were having our first stage rehearsal of BlakeWorks I, that we will be shortly performing in the program Sugimoto/Forsythe in Garnier, from 19th September to 15th October 2019. This program will be the opening performance of the season. This means we will be performing it in the opening gala for the major sponsors of the Paris Opera Ballet too, on 20th September.

For the first time since I entered the company, I will actually dance in this opening gala! This gala is always started with a Défilé du Corps de Ballet, which is a traditional way to open the season at the Paris Opera. I walked down the stage from the Foyer de la Danse quite a few times in this gala, but haven’t properly performed in it yet. How exciting this is!

Seemingly, I will be performing in all the 17 performances in this William Forsythe ballet that I love. Forsythe movements are constantly in search of the extreme physical possibilities and qualities, and of showing beautiful lines of the body. It is often very musical and very pleasant to dance.

I should fully enjoy every bit of these performances. Feeling very grateful for all of this.

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