Shooting in studio Petipa…

In a few days, the contemporary mixed-bill Cherkaoui/Goecke/Lidberg will be premiered in Palais Garnier. Earlier this afternoon, at the end our last studio rehearsal in the Studio Petipa, a shooting team was here for a video shooting. Probably for a teaser of the new production? It reminds me of my lessons in Digital Communication of my business course.
The Paris Opera Ballet has done a lot of work in terms of communication in social medias recently, following the trend.

Yesterday night, I had the opportunity to watch the stage run through of Marco Goecke’s new piece for this evening: Dogs Sleep. I was so excited to watch it finally! Absolutely loved it, I like Marco’s style and universe very much.

The shooting team was playing with lightings, dry-ice smokes and different effects for this teaser shooting. Very fascinating for me to stay behind and watch their work!

Stage rehearsals with live musicians…

Writing this in the wings just before a stage rehearsal of our new production Les Noces.

It is very exciting to discover Stravinsky’s music played by live orchestra and singers.

Les Noces (Stravinsky)

Giant roses on stage!


Yesterday, we moved from the studio to the stage. The ballet that we are going to perform  in a week is a new creation by Pontus Lidberg, with the music of Les Noces by Stravinsky.

It is very impressive to see big roses dropping down from the ceiling!

Together with this mixed contemporary program is another creation by Marco Goecke, one of my favorite choreographers. Especially because I had a great great experience performing one of his solos on the open-air stage of Varna last summer.

This program will be at Palais Garnier from 5th February to 2nd March:

Archiving memories, in the form of an unsent letter.

A letter to Pauline. Behind this unsent letter is a painful memory.

Memory of a difficult time that made Chun overcome his fears, that made him learn and face his weakness seriously and bravely.

This letter was never meant to be sent to Pauline, yet there were things that Chun wanted to tell her at that moment.

Face challenges and dark periods with courage, or they make you fall, or they make you stronger.

Before you give up, always “硬著頭皮做”. (—my-recent-stories/9693533)

Photos taken in Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

Chun was still in Hong Kong only two weeks ago…… his hometown, a place that is home for him but that doesn’t feel like home anymore. Each time he sees impressive changes in the city: New shops, new buildings, new metro lines and stations…..

Among these new places is Tai Kwun, an old police station situated at the Hong Kong Island side. After renovation, Tai Kwun became a place for exhibitions, shops and of course a sort of a museum of the old British Colony.

With a friend, Chun spent some time there…

The most important part of his stay in Hong Kong was of course his time with Ah Ma. At 94 years old, each time when Chun goes back home to see her, Ah Ma has more health problems than the time before.

After Chun’s father got retired, Ah Ma no longer prepare dinner for the family as she had been doing for decennies, as Daddy becomes the chef of the family.

But each time when Chun goes back home, Ah Ma would insist making him this “Ju Pah” (Panfried pork) with tomato sauce. Daddy prepared the rest of the dinner for the family, while Ah Ma cooked this one dish, just for Chun…


Ah Ma, stay healthy, I love you.


Hot bath thoughts…

Remembering the time when we would be fascinated by the simple effect of salt crystals melting into water…

Time goes by and a year later, we would not bother giving it a glance…….

Do fascinations, passions and wonders in life eventually fade, taken for granted?

Should we never ever stop seeing Life as if we were as innocent as a child, and never ever stop looking at the bright side of Life?

Exhibition Japonisme/Ponti, and Les Troyens at Opera Bastille

Yesterday, Saturday, Chun went to this exhibition Japonisme/Gio Ponti at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs with a friend. Some of his friends told him about this exhibition about Gio Ponti, a renowned Italian architect, and there he was.

In the first part of this exhibition, Japonisme, were displayed different japanese art pieces. Chun always liked the delicacy of the Japnese art. He didn’t spend the time to study carefully each art piece, he simply walked through the exhibition halls and picked some of his favorites at a first quick glance.

The Ponti part was impressive. Some of the scupltures and objects designed by the Italian architect were always displayed. The artist had different inteesting (and somehow, crazy) ideas and put them into life.

Then in the evening, Chun went to the Générale of the famous French opera Les Troyens, by Hector Berlioz. It is a very long opera, originially composed of 5 acts, and today’s production put it into only 3 parts with 2 intermissions. But it still lasts for 5 hours, from 6pm to 11pm.
Conducted by our Musical Director Philippe Jordan, the orchestra was perfect, the singers too. Chun was however found Dmitri Tcherniakov‘s staging not so convincing. While the first part of the performance was very impressive, with enormous sets moving around the stage and in the end opening up showing the gigantic space of the stage of the Opera Bastille, and also people walking while on fire (oh yes!), the second and third parts happened to be in a psychiatric rehabilitation centre which is not very appealing and not so coherent with the synopsis….

But of course this grand opera is particularly important for the dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet. The music of our Défilé is from this opera…… A melody that every dancer of the company would know note by note, reminding us of our glorious but also bitter periods.