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Shooting outside Paris ~

This week, I went to Fécamp in Normandy (a region at the North-West of France) for a video shooting. Normandy is known to be a very rainy and cold area. However, we were very lucky to have a perfectly sunny day for the cameras. It was no less than 33 degrees!

Filming outdoor is a big challenge for dancers. Forget the wooden dance floor, Marley (lino)…… the floor is rarely flat and often there are all kinds of obstacles (i.e. rocks, grass, mud, sand…) I had to be very careful, and couldn’t really decide the choreography before, as what I will be able to do depends on the environment and surface on which I will dance. Once we arrived I had to decide very quickly and improvise.

We filmed from 10am to 9pm, almost non-stop. We traveled to different spots in Fécamp to get a variety of sceneries. It was quite exhausting for all of us, but from what I saw, the results are very satisfying!

The final product would be a 10-minutes long movie. I can’t wait to see it and am grateful to have this project during these strange times!

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