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Gala in Nancy in a week~

After more than 6 months without performing on stage in front of a proper audience, if the conditions permit, I will go to Nancy (France) next weekend to be part of a ZD Productions gala performance, in the program Joyaux du Ballet.

To make this happen, we are particularly careful during the preparation of this event. Dancers are wearing a mask all the time during the rehearsals, each of us are being tested regularly, we even rehearse outdoor sometimes in order to minimise the risks of contamination. A lot of precautions are taken before, during and after the performances, which requires a lot of extra preparation work. For example, the dancers can’t share their changing rooms anymore, must have meals individually, make-up, contact with the audience….. etc.

After new confirmed Covid cases inside the Paris Opera Ballet, more and more dancers are now dancing with a mask during classes. A protection which seemed extremely difficult for us in the beginning and which is now slowly becoming the “new normal”.

While we’re all hoping and looking forward to getting back on stage, France recorded more than 9000 new confirmed cases in 24 hours yesterday, the highest number since the beginning of this pandemic. Let’s cross our fingers for next weekend!

Joyaux du Ballet – 3e édition
12th and 13th September 2020

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