Stage rehearsals with live musicians…

Writing this in the wings just before a stage rehearsal of our new production Les Noces. It is very exciting to discover Stravinsky's music played by live orchestra and singers. Les Noces (Stravinsky)

Giant roses on stage!

Yesterday, we moved from the studio to the stage. The ballet that we are going to perform  in a week is a new creation by Pontus Lidberg, with the music of Les Noces by Stravinsky. It is very impressive to see big roses dropping down from the ceiling! Together with this mixed contemporary program is... Continue Reading →

Photos taken in Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

Chun was still in Hong Kong only two weeks ago...... his hometown, a place that is home for him but that doesn't feel like home anymore. Each time he sees impressive changes in the city: New shops, new buildings, new metro lines and stations..... Among these new places is Tai Kwun, an old police station... Continue Reading →

Hot bath thoughts…

Remembering the time when we would be fascinated by the simple effect of salt crystals melting into water... Time goes by and a year later, we would not bother giving it a glance....... Do fascinations, passions and wonders in life eventually fade, taken for granted? Should we never ever stop seeing Life as if we... Continue Reading →

Point of views…..

Since Chun came back to Paris after a relatively short stay in Hong Kong (8 days), it has been kind of a marathon for him. While in Hong Kong, Chun naturally preferred spending time with his family then working on his business course. Once back in Paris, the homework, the intense rehearsals for a creation... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Caprice~

Just after breakfast, sitting at the dinning table just next to Ah Ma (Grandma in Cantonese), Chun looks at his grandma, thoughtful. He asks, - "Ah ma, do you want me to come back to Hong Kong?", Ah Ma nods simply,  eyes looking at her empty bowl. Each time Chun comes back home to see... Continue Reading →

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