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Performances partially restarted~

After almost two months, the some performances are happening again at the Paris Opera. On the internet, the spectators who were supposed to come and watch the shows during the past few months show their anger and disappointment regarding the social movement and the cancellation of the performances at the Opera. The doors of the two operas opened again and it is full-house almost at each time.

However, this doesn’t mark the end of the social movement by the employees of the Paris Opera. Before each performance begins, a short text is pronounced, with subtitles projected on the main curtain, expressing the position of the employees and the artists, and explaining to the audience what was happening, why the shows were cancelled and why we are performing again. Meanwhile, the two first Balanchine performances were cancelled….

Yesterday evening, I went to watch Giselle at Opera Garnier. Giselle was first created at the Paris Opera, there is something so special about this original version. The sets, the choreography, the music, the mime, the details, the special effects, everything just seemed so right. I remember watching Giselle here a few years back. So touched and fascinated, I went to every single performance, there were around 10 of them, and watched every casts. It is definitely one of my favorite ballets. Now that I am in the same company for a few years, I watch its performances with a slightly different perspective. The dancers’ face are all familiar now and I am much more sensitive and attentive to the tiniest details and mistakes.

But as if it was the very first time, Giselle is so moving, mysterious and beautiful. It was great to see the Palais Garnier open and its hall, under the mythical Chagall ceiling, filled with an enthusiastic audience, and applause. It was simply inspiring!

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