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Confinement in Paris

The entire country goes into lockdown. After the French President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement on Monday evening, from Tuesday at noon, going out is forbidden except for grocery shopping or emergencies. This lockdown will last for at least 15 days in France, all the public spaces are closed except supermarkets, banks and pharmacies, but it will probably be longer. The number of confirmed Covid19 cases goes up exponentially and while the French were not quite disciplined in the beginning, now people are much more aware of the severity of the situation and are following more and more the rules.

Today is the 4th day of the confinement. I have enough food here. So far being confined in an apartment is not (yet) unbearable. It is great to plan and to have exciting projects for the coming 1-2 months of confinement. It would be the perfect period to pickup my studies again!

Since Tuesday evening, every night at 20h, the people open their windows and give the medical staff a round of applause. It is very touching to see. The weather in Paris is extremely warm for this time of the year: up to 22 degrees! With the sun, the blue sky and the white clouds, every day feels like Sunday in summer.

This morning, my alarm went off and I checked my smartphone. Two notifications appeared: “Tomorrow: Gala 3e étage Nancy“, “Sunday: Gala 3e étage Nancy“. We worked so much to prepare for these performances, who would have imagined what’s happening to the world? At least, this lockdown would have showed us that worrying too much about the future is perhaps unnecessary, given that so many totally unexpected events or changes could happen anytime in our lives!

While some of us are enjoying our forced “holiday” (imagine all the people who stopped their busy and stressful daily routine and suddenly find themselves enjoying the sunlight on their balcony and drinking champagne), we must not forget how horrible this pandemic is. The number of deaths it will cause in the world, not to mention the long term impact it will have on the global economy and people’s lives. More than ever, humanity must stay united.

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