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Point of views…..

Since Chun came back to Paris after a relatively short stay in Hong Kong (8 days), it has been kind of a marathon for him.
While in Hong Kong, Chun naturally preferred spending time with his family then working on his business course. Once back in Paris, the homework, the intense rehearsals for a creation of Pontus Lidberg, a young talented Swedish choreographer, the unpacking and the packing……… he knows that he won’t have a break until this coming weekend!

Chun is writing this during his break between two rehearsals. He came out from a rehearsal during which the atmosphere was quite bad. The choreographer tends to work more with a certain group of dancers, and somehow there’s another group that’s waiting at the side all the time and Chun is part of this second group.

You could say that, sitting there waiting for 6 hours everyday is very boring. But observing how different people react to this situation is interesting:

  • To Chun, it’s not quite a big deal. He is often an understudy in the company and understudies are used to waiting and learning the steps on the sides, out of the attention of the ballet masters or the choreographer.
  • To the soloists who are not dancing, it is very frustrating and annoying. Many of the soloists expressed their anger. They are usually under the spotlight, learning new roles and new steps, having new challenges day after day. This kind of rehearsals is just a scandal. The choreographer and his assistants are to be blamed, for they are not well organised.
  • To the dancers who are part of the group which is dancing in this creation, they understand that a creating process is long and difficult. The choreographer has already a lot of restrictions from the company, the choice of the dancers, the studios schedule, and of course the limited time. They fully understand, and believe that if we cooperate, we could in the end create a fantastic piece.

Time to go back to rehearsal…….

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  1. c’est la cantine de l’Opéra?… 🙂 …j’espère que vous pourrez tous danser quand même. J’ai déjà pris ma place pour le 26 février 😉


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