Confinement in Paris

The entire country goes into lockdown. After the French President Emmanuel Macron's announcement on Monday evening, from Tuesday at noon, going out is forbidden except for grocery shopping or emergencies. This lockdown will last for at least 15 days in France, all the public spaces are closed except supermarkets, banks and pharmacies, but it will... Continue Reading →

Ballet amid restaurants and shops shutdown?

The French prime minister announced restaurants and shops’ shutdown from today. The Paris Opera will be closed too. How long would this take ? If an eventual country lockdown will last for more than a month, how would the dancers continue working on their body?  I am writing this while queuing up in front of... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 in France

Yesterday evening, the French President Emmanuel Macron spoke for the first time on the national television about the situation of the Coronavirus epidemic in France. He announced that all the schools will be closed starting from coming Monday. Other precautions like telecommuting, limit travelling, economic assistance were also suggested. Before Macron spoke, there were an... Continue Reading →

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