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Paris Opera at home ~

The theatres are still closed in France….. and in the near future, we don’t see any way out. So we continue rehearsing in the studios. The “Soirée Jeunes Danseurs” evening in which I am supposed to perform in Bluebird Pas de deux and Brumachon’s “Indomptés” is probably going to be cancelled or postponed, but we keep rehearsing as if we were going to perform it in a month. I even tried bluebird’s costume this week…

Me in bluebird costume

We also started rehearsals for Notre Dame de Paris, by the French choreographer Roland Petit, music is by Maurice Jarre. Likewise, we have no idea whether we will be able to perform this ballet in the next few months. The Corps de Ballet dances a lot in this ballet and we have a lot to learn, so this keeps us busy.

Meanwhile, on the Paris Opera’s new digital platform ( is offering more and more programs, Ballet, Concerts and Operas. Apart from the Gala d’Ouverture that I talked about earlier in this post, they also published the school show in 2013 celebrating the 300th anniversary of the French Ballet School (Tricentenaire de l’École de Danse Française) in which I performed D’Ores et Déjà (Béatrice Massin, Nicolas Paul) and Péchés de Jeunesse (Jean-Guillaume Bart). However, to watch this program, you must pay 7.90 euros to rent the video.

Weather in Paris is incredibly pleasant this weekend, very sunny and 20 degrees! Only last week it was snowing and was as cold as -2 degrees… I had a walk in Créteil, a town just outside Paris and paid a visit to the very curious “Choux de Créteil”! The project was recognized as a “Heritage of the 20th Century” by the French Ministry of Culture!!

Choux de Créteil

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  1. Hi Chun, just catching up with your latest posts on this site. Glad to hear you’ve been busy and have so many opportunities despite the public health restrictions.



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