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La Bayadère 2020 – theatres remain closed in France …

During the past two weeks, the Paris Opera Ballet have been preparing for a “come-back” series of La Bayadère performances at Opéra Bastille. In French government’s last press conference, Emmanuel Macron planned to reopen the cultural institutions including museums, cinemas, theatres and concert halls on 15th December.

After almost an entire year without performing on the stage of the Paris Opera, we were all looking forward to 15th December. La Bayadère is one of my favorite ballets. It is especially exciting when we move from the rehearsals in the studio to the stage, with the costumes, the orchestra, and the sets. Watching the dress rehearsals from the wings, I realised how I am still fascinated by this ballet, just like 5 years ago, when I just entered the company.

However, since the shops reopened in France a couple of weeks ago, the numbers stopped declining. A few days before 15th December, with more than 10000 new cases per day, far from the government’s goal of 5000, it was announced that the theatres should remain closed at least until 7th January….. as a consequence, the whole series of La Bayadère is cancelled. This time nevertheless, the Paris Opera will film the performance and there will be a live stream on Sunday 12th December, live from Opera Bastille! (Click here to learn more about the live stream:

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  1. I just listened to your story on the BBC World Service “Don’t log off” today. Very inspiring!! I last saw FNB at Garnier in Oct 2018. The NYC Ballet (my local) closed in March 2020, and hopes to re-open 21 Sept 2021. I have a ticket! I hope to see you in Paris next year. Keep the faith.


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