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Curfew in Paris…

This photo was taken earlier this week, it is how the mythical stage of the Palais Garnier looks like now due to the renovation. It was indeed a good decision of the Paris Opera to do the renovation of the two stages (Garnier and Bastille) in this period of uncertainty and when the performance schedule is less productive, rather than doing it next summer as it was originally planned.

With more than 30,000 positive Covid-19 cases in a single day, the French government announced new measures for the entire country, and some even stricter measures for the regions that are the most affected by the circulation of coronavirus. In particular, curfew is issued in Paris and a few other cities. Starting from tonight, we must be home from 9pm to 6am. So the theatres and cinemas must be closed from 8pm, so that we can arrive home before 9pm.

Another drama for the French economy, but a temporary curfew which will last at least until the beginning of December is certainly less destructive than a general lockdown. The theatres and concert halls (including the Paris Opera), seem to decide delivering performances of around an hour but starting at 6:30pm instead of 7:30pm. That way the concerts and performances do not have to be cancelled…… Which is a good news. The restaurants can still open but with even more restrictive measures. I just wonder whether this is enough to stop the spread of the virus?

So….. my gala with 3e Etage tomorrow at Courbevoie (just outside Paris) will take place as scheduled. I am very glad to try a new role, while being very careful….

Take care!

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