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Gala in Anglet

Another gala done this weekend in Anglet with my colleagues of 3e Etage. During this period of unprecedented uncertainty, I am extremely grateful to be part of the lucky artists to have the opportunity to be on stage in front of an eager audience. We originally planned to do only one show, on 27th September. But new governmental measures allow theatres to receive a limited number of spectators. Instead of proposing a refund to certain reservations, we decided to do two performances instead of one, at Théâtre Quintaou.

How I enjoy arriving at a theatre that I don’t know, getting into my changing room, testing the stage and the Marley floor. This time, we presented more or less the same program as what we did just two weeks earlier in Nancy. But this time without the last-minute-positive-case-drama! So we had so much more time to get prepared for the performance. The théâtre Quintaou has a very nice and large stage, yet the floor is not ideal for jumps. Each theatre is a new experience !

The two performances went very well, and the audience was apparently very happy. We had a standing ovation at the end of both shows. Now when I travel to a different city for a gala, I try my best to get out of the theatre to visit the city a little bit, even for as short as one hour, it’s too much of a shame to travel for 5 hours to a different place and just see the backstage of the theatre in which we perform.

On Sunday morning, I had a walk around the Théâtre Quintaou which is near the city center of Anglet. But seemingly there was not much to see, Anglet is a very calm and tranquil place. There was nevertheless a nice Sunday market just outside the theatre.

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