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Results – Concours de Promotion

The results were announced. I was ranked 4th in my class and since there were two places for promotion this year, I was not promoted this time. Feeling disappointed is inevitable. But there’s another part of the “results”, it’s the fact that I tried my best, worked really hard for it, was satisfied with my performance on stage and that I had no regrets.

The sleepless nights and endless hours of self-reflection gave me new insights into Life. At each obstacle that we meet in life, we might let it make us feel defeated, hopeless and lost. We might find different excuses in order to justify the failure. For example, “I failed because I had no luck this time“… This way of thinking would only make us ignore the real problems and bury our heads into the sand.

Instead, as my grandma has always told me, Everything Happens for a Reason. Let’s have faith that every experience makes us grow and that God (or Life, or whatever we may call it) knows perfectly the plans He has for us. So never stop looking at the bright side of life and never ever forget who we truly are, our life purpose, and what we’re called to do. I believe that every single one of us are called to a Purpose. Always reconnect to our calling and we’d never be lost again. Learn from each failure and get back up stronger each time.

As the saying goes:

Life is not about how many times you fall down, it’s about how many times you get back up.

Jaime Escalante
This was taken right after the Concours. The sun was out, the blue sky was smiling to me.

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  1. L’énergie, l’application, le sérieux et le talent que vous mettez dans cet exercice si difficile qu’est votre Art, est un exemple pour nous tous et une motivation pour ne pas nous décourager nous-même sur notre propre chemin, petit ou grand. Pour tout cela soyez remercié Chun et soyez assuré de notre modeste, mais fidèle, soutien dans la suite de votre progression artistique qui va inévitablement grandir dans les années futures! 🙂 … bien que déménageant dans peu de temps à 25 km de Paris, je ferai de mon mieux pour essayer de continuer de venir à l’Opéra.

    Bien respectueusement.



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