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Stage rehearsals with live musicians…

Writing this in the wings just before a stage rehearsal of our new production Les Noces.

It is very exciting to discover Stravinsky’s music played by live orchestra and singers.

Les Noces (Stravinsky)

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  1. Chun,

    I have to say I really enjoy your photographs. They always tell a story, are beautifully composed, make full use of the frame and always bring to us your point of view. I think you have a very good sense of architecture. And I think you are pushing yourself to find the best in each photo you take.

    Your photos are always a pleasure to see.
    Thank you for sharing them.



    1. Hi Roger,

      Thank you very much for your comment! Indeed, I am quite picky with photos… I always have a hard time picking the best one if I had to choose. Glad that you like them 🙂



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