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On Christmas Eve, after a nice usual dinner at home, Chun peered out from the window….

In the building facing him, he could barely listen to some laughters, Christmas carols, and he could recognized nicely decorated tables ready for Christmas dinners, Christmas trees and people having a good time with their family.

Chun’s family in Hong Kong never really celebrated Christmas, although they used to set up a Christmas tree when Chun was small, he loved to play with the twinkling garlands.

His colleagues are so shocked to learn that he spent Christmas alone and had just a usual dinner… “You’ve never had that strange feeling when you’re sitting in a classroom for lessons at Mid Autumn Festival, or working like a normal day at Chinese New Year while receiving hundreds of “Kung Hay Fat Choi“s on WhatsApp, of course you are shocked”, Chun thought.

Writing this at the Opera after doing the Red Ball on 25th December. It’s not a big deal not to celebrating birthdays, Christmas or Chinese New Year, as long as you can find your own happiness.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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